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Music Restore
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Ever had your computer unexpectedly crash, leaving you without gigs of music? If so, music_restore is for you. We know how hard it is to recover your music collection from outdated backups, and we're here to help.

Unlike many music communities, this community is not generally for individual song or album requests, or for general music trading. This community is specifically for recovering music after a hard drive crash. You can post your most recent pre-crash playlist, or, if that's not available, you can list a few albums/songs that you would really like to have back. Request as much as you want; although we may not be able to get all of it back, we can sure try.

So does that mean you shouldn't join if you haven't had a hard drive crash? No, not at all. Obviously, a bunch of people requesting music isn't going to do much if all of our hard drives are blank. Feel free to join, and if you have some music someone wants, be charitable and upload it for them. We may have music free-for-alls from time to time where anyone can request anything they want, so stick around.

1. Don't just take files. Once you have a decent-sized music collection built back up, give back to the community by uploading things others need.
2. Say thank you. Unlike music trading communities, the people who upload files for you generally get nothing in return, so a little gratitude is a good thing.
3. No personal attacks. Don't like somebody's taste in music? Keep quiet about it. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
4. Again, this community is primarily for recovering music lost due to hardware failure. DO NOT post general music requests, there are plenty of other communities for that.

Post Format:
We're not strict on this, but if you don't know exactly what to include in your post, here's a form you can fill out.

Name: sweet_charade
Date of computer crash: Early March
Most recent playlist available: http://www.your-playlist-here.com OR <lj-cut>I don't have a copy of my most recent playlist, but here are some songs/albums I really want back.</lj-cut>

Helpful links:
File Upload Sites:

File Archivers/Compressors:

If all else fails, Google it.